Why Peer Sharing

It’s a Big, Lonely Chair

Mistake Avoidance We’ve all made mistakes...your welcome.

Challenge for Success You’ve Got to Love Tough Love.

Comradery & SupportWe’ve Been there - we’re with you.

Mistake Avoidance

When you know you're making it up as you go along - it's great to have fellow table members who have already been where you are going. They will spare you the trouble of costly mistakes and you can return the favor.

Challenge for Success

Some of our best moments are when our plans or ideas are challenged by people whose intentions we respect. The CEO Roundtable is a good place to have your questions answered and great place to have your answers questioned on your way to success.

Comradery & Support

Welcome to the big, lonely chair. We all have faced that isolation and share a unique vantage point of your leadership role. No need to go it alone.

Accountability Throughout

Who else is going to hold you accountable month in and month out to accomplish your dreams? Your table will. You appreciate the value of accountability and now it’s your turn to benefit from the ongoing accountability of your respected peers.

Why the CEO Roundtable?

Membership Benefits

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