Our Members

A rich variety of industries, sizes and locations

Common interests, different styles

Eagles don't flock - they do however get together once a month for a Roundtable meeting. Each of our members is a leader in their own right with a style all their own. Most of our tables are made up of CEO’s and by popular demand, we have also created a few special tables for their key leaders.

Profiles Include:

  • Ages ranging from 30-65+
  • Gender: Nearly 25% of our members are female - and growing!
  • Background: Titles include first time Founders to seasoned, serial entrepreneurs. Leaders come from a variety of industries and disciplines. From Sales to finance, marketing and engineering...a variety of viewpoints shapes good decisions.

Minnesota's Star Companies... Reaching Higher

Our members’ companies represent a wide variety of industries, sizes and types. It’s that variety that provides a wide spectrum of experiences, perspectives and insights at every table.

Member companies include:

  • Industries: A wide variety - manufacturing, services, tech and dozens of others.
  • Size of Companies: Revenues ranging from 2 Million to 250 Million.
  • Locations: Mostly MSP metro, but some greater Minnesota.

Values we Share
Character. Growth. Commitment.

We’re proud to say that all of our members and Strategic Partners are aligned with our core values of Character, Growth & Commitment

  • Character: We’re all known by the company we keep. Humility, generosity and positivity are attributes we’re glad to share.
  • Growth: Whether we’re talking top line, bottom line, personal development or otherwise, we believe growth is life.
  • Commitment: We always have and always will, demonstrate habits of commitment to our families, causes, companies and community.

Are You Ready?

The next step is yours. If you feel like you are a fit for membership and are ready to learn more about what many other top Minnesota leaders already know – we encourage you to contact us.

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