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What drives businesses to success? CEOs meet with other growth-oriented peers to share their experiences, gain diverse insights, and challenge one another. They are able to establish better leadership strategies within their organization and businesses - and their teams thrive!

Based in Minnesota, our CEO peer groups offer business leaders an exclusive roundtable membership, where we work together to challenge your perspectives and inspire better decision-making to drive your company toward success.

Top 4 Reasons Why No-Nonsense Business Builders Value Membership in The CEO Roundtable

Why Join?

It’s about time, efficiency, and value. Our unique model, coupled with our proven roundtable meeting format and tools, delivers an unparalleled return on your time and investment. We’ve got a no-nonsense approach that our members appreciate month after month and year after year.

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How Do Our Peer Groups Work?

As a member of The CEO Roundtable, you’ll meet monthly for four hours with the same group of 8-11 peers. These growth-oriented leaders share – in a completely confidential setting – the challenges and rewards of leadership, and how it impacts both their professional and personal lifestyles.

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How Can You Become a Member?

We select each candidate carefully from a variety of industries, according to our six key success factors. Candidates are then recommended to our Board for approval. Once approved, new members are recommended to a specific group that best fits their business vision, challenges, and personal style.

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