Facilitator, The CEO Roundtable

Tony Morse


Executive Leadership:
- CEO, Proliferate (2019-Present)
- COO, Menttium (2018-2019)
- VP Sales & Marketing, EXB Solutions (2017-2018)
- President, Demand Chain Systems (2014-2017)

Board Service:
- Lafayette Club, MN Jumpstart Coalition

CEO Roundtable Member - 2015-2019:
I joined when I became President of Demand Chain in 2014. I needed a peer group to discuss the challenges and opportunities in my role...the things I couldn’t take to the owners, my team, and didn’t want to bring home. I developed life-long friendships and the experience from the group helped lead to a variety of breakthrough successes in each of the businesses I’ve led.

"The first Roundtable I was on was member-lead. I appreciated the opportunity to support others by bringing structure, organization, experience, and - at times – humor.

My goal facilitating a Roundtable is to ensure each member gets as much value from their participation as I have … and finds ways to share their experience and learn from each other in the process."

For fun, I love to be outside … particularly with a golf club in hand (which is why we spend as much of the winter in Florida as possible)! My two greatest forms of therapy are cooking (especially for a group of friends and family), and golfing with my wife, Candace, and friends. I have a large family with three adult stepchildren and six grandchildren.

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